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Saturday, January 22, 2011

What can you do in the Dog Days of Winter...

Well, what do you do when it's cold and dreary outside? You can revamp, repaint, recreate some of your old tired household items to give your space new life.

Every Saturday and Sunday Jan 22-Feb 27th at Re-inspiration Store you can come in and upcycle your own items...

Here is a list of other possible things you can do in the Store during the Winter months:

1. Create Recycled Art using in-store supplies
2. Recreate you own household items - small furniture, frames, mirrors, candle holders and anything else you think may need a makeover
3. Interior Design ideas...bring in a picture of a room you want to make over and we can help give you design remix advice for free....don't you love that word FREE
4. Build your own art class by allowing us to customize an art project to fit your needs...

So come hang with us...we are going to be making things every weekend to fill the gaps of this season of chilly weather.

Come visit!!!!

Brooke & Julie