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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dog days of Summer at Re-inspiration Store

It's been a hot long hot summer and boy have we been busy at Re-inspiration Store. The summer began with a feature store on 11alive ( ). We were named 1 of the 10 things Jezebel is buzzing about, there was article written in the July Decatur Dispatch an article in August Atlanta Intown Magazine, and were featured on the Mother Nature Network.

One man's junk is another man's treasure is proving to be a quite popular way to put a new spin on traditional gift giving.

We also spent time at the Americasmart Summer Gift Show and boy oh boy did we find some fun new items for the store. They will be trickling in over the next few months but suffice it to say, we will be undergoing a transformation and hoping to assume the position of the best place to find a gift in Atlanta...

Oh, and don't forget our website is a great place to check out all the new additions to the store because we have added the "what's new" tab so you can keep tabs on us...

Hope to see you soon,
Brooke & Julie

Saturday, June 19, 2010 LAUNCHES, Summer Stuff & Art Classes

It's official has launched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are off and running with a HOT ol' summer and the Re-inspiration Store is entering its 8th month open. We are pleased to say that Atlanta is receiving our store quite nicely and already we have some local regular customers, such as Richard Thomas, owner of the famous Atlanta Restaurant R. Thomas. In fact, if you ride by the restaurant, it is truly our kindred spirit with all the fun and creative yard art on display. We can proudly say that most of it has been obtained from our store.

We are also finishing a busy season with attending the Sweetwater 420 Fest and the Paper Mill Market and will continue to participate in events around town....

Upcoming events include Studioplex June Artwalk on June 25th 6-9pm and Type A / event June 24th.

We will also be beefing up the website so if you have friends that want to check out the store but live in another state shoot them the link....

So don't be a lame mass production gift giver - come to our store and bask in the creativity of RECYCLED RETAIL....

Brooke & Julie

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Re-Inspiration Store 3 Months and Counting

Three months later and we have finally started to come into our own as a store. We have added 20 or so artists since the beginning of the year and our website should be up and running in a couple weeks.

You can check out some cool photos at and we have almost 500 fans on our facebook page now.

We are starting to gear up for Spring with loads of yard art and we are now doing customized green gift baskets.

Come see us soon,
Brooke & Julie